Ministering to Our Neighbors

The Serving Heart

A man came in the food bank on May 9 and explained to the volunteer that he had just been given a terminal diagnosis. He asked the TLC gentleman if he could talk to the pastor. Unfortunately our Pastor David was on vacation, Pastor Greg was recuperating from a medical procedure, and Pastor Torben was away. But this volunteer stayed on his phone until he found an available pastor in town for this man in need – Thank you Ralph.

Many toil in loving service for years in anonymity with no recognition. But one of our own was recently brought to the forefront and acknowledged. More than 100 Lutherans gathered at Carroll Lutheran Village, a retirement/ nursing facility in Westminster, Maryland, the evening of May 5 to recognize the efforts of 14 Christians who have been nominated for their long-standing, humble, tireless service for others. This 22ndyear event, called the 2018 Delaware-Maryland Synod Conference Awards for Significant Lay Ministry, spot- lighted persons from nine Maryland conferences.

Ralph Conrad was recognized for unceasing years of loving, faithful care of those in need and of service to the church in the Washington County Conference. Attending the event from Trinity were Pastor David Eisenhuth, Colleen Gildee, Jeff Reed, June Habeck-Holler, Ginny Doarnburger, Ralph and Judy Conrad, their son Michael, daughter Christie, and granddaughters Sarah and Abby Garner. Bishop Bill Gohl presented the honorees with words of praise and an engraved award. Ralph surprised both our pastor and the bishop when, after their words of praise had concluded and they expected Ralph to take his seat, he took the microphone to express how service to others was such a blessing to him and to thank all those who assist him in outreach — especially Jeff Reed.

TLC is also grateful to this servant of God who is nearly every day at Trinity, repairing whatever is broken in the building, covering the Food Panty for those who are late, absent, or at lunch, keeping inventory of food supplies in the Food Pantry and replenishing them weekly, supporting local veterans with food and travel assistance, working with Fellowship and Parish Life in the kitchen, serving repeatedly on Mutual Ministry, Social Ministry, Call Committees and wherever support is needed. Pastor David related that Trinity members describe Ralph as dedicated, patient, helpful, sincere, willing, and compassionate. Psalm 112:4 describes “the upright [as] gracious and full of compassion,” and Proverbs 11:17 tells us that a “kind man benefits himself.” We are thankful every day that Ralph is working among us.

The synod staff wrote in the program: “we are aware that the reward recipients and all others who serve in Christ’s name do not do so for recognition; however, by recognizing the many forms of ministry that occur within congregations, organizations and faith- based agencies, we hope to inspire others to serve similarly.” A prayerful thanks also for all our volunteer workers and the growing remnant of the faithful at Trinity!


Food Pantry
Boxes of generic crackers (like Saltines), box mixes for cookies and cakes, snack packs of animal crackers for children, cereal, and prepared snacks for the homeless. Remember to bring in your extra produce from home gardening over the summer!

Clothing Bank

All sizes of sheet sets (especially twin size), women’s underwear (sizes 6,7,8, and 9), sneakers, summer clothes, and hangers with flocking (felt, velvet).


“Try to keep your soul always in peace and quiet, always ready for
whatever our Lord may wish to work in you.” — Saint Ignatius

June Habeck Holler