Operation Christmas Child kicked off on Sunday, July 14th with 86 boxes taken and 2 full ones returned. We are well on our way to our goal of 150 boxes for our 150th anniversary! Boxes may be found in the extended narthex and in Fellowship Hall. Please be sure to sign out your boxes and sign them back in when you return them. Inside each box is information to help you shop for your child, a list of things NOT to include and a brochure from Operation Christmas Child with a form to check for boy or girl and the age range and an envelope for you to place your shipping donation of $9.00 per box. Complete the form, put your check made out to Trinity Lutheran Church in envelope. Place everything in the box (or a bag if some things need to be compressed or won’t fit easily) and place under the table where you picked up your box. Watch the large posters to follow our progress and celebrate 150 gifts and years!

Operation Christmas Child Packing tip # 1 – Kids of all ages love balls! Small foam (Nerf-type) balls, hacky sacks, beach balls and tennis balls are great. Full size soccer balls, deflated with an air pump, make a WOW item an entire community can enjoy. If you purchase a soccer ball and pump, be sure the pump will fit in the box and we will have extra items to include with it or you can add more items yourself. Thanks for taking a shoebox/shoeboxes and filling them for kids around the world!

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July 7, 2019

Canoeing the Mountain

Every so often a book comes along which captures the imagination of the Church. One such book making its rounds is Canoeing the Mountains: Christian Leadership in Uncharted Territory by Ted Bolsinger. The author uses the Corps of Discovery as a metaphor to describe the Church in the US today.

This is your personal invitation to join a Corps of Discovery from which I believe will emerge leadership equipped to guide Trinity into a wonderful future. The first part of the journey is to actually read the book and discuss it. The Study will be held on Thursday evenings in Fellowship Hall. We will offer a simple dinner prior the study. The doors open at 5:30pm and the study begins promptly at 6:30pm.

Please call or email Colleen to RSVP.
cgildee@tlchag.org, 301-733-2878


The Schedule

May 9: Documentary
Jun 6: The Landscape
Jun 13: The Changing World
Jun 20: Going off the Map
Jul 11: Adaptation is Everything
Jul 18: Companions and Saboteurs

Aug 1: Everyone will be Changed


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Each Saturday during the summer we are going to try a new service. At 5 p.m. we will have a worship service called 30 Minutes, Start to Finish. That’s right, our service will be 30 minutes. It will be shaped for those who don’t have a lot of experience with worship. It will consist of a greeting, scripture-Bible study-homily-questions and answers, prayers, and a song (no paper booklet necessary).

Sometimes this kind of experience is called a “Seekers Service.” We intend it for people outside the congregation as well as for those at Trinity who want to try something new, too. Light refreshments will be served. It will be in the chapel with access from Potomac Street. The intimacy of All Saints’ Chapel hopefully will encourage an atmosphere of trust and a willingness to explore our faith. Spread the word.

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May 28, 2019

Tues. Morning Group

Beginning June 11th, The Tuesday morning group will begin a 6 week study of prayer and spirituality. The study is entitled: Lord, teach us to pray. It will use the key phrases of the Lord’s Prayer, seeking to lead us to greater spirituality and growth.

Prayer is one of the most important things we can do in the life of the church at large and in a specific congregation.  We should be praying daily not only for the needs of those known to us, but for Trinity, its leaders, and the renewed sense of mission which will emerge from the Thursday in-depth look at Canoeing the Mountains. At the upcoming synod assembly the bishop is going to ask us all to commit to a 90 day journey of prayer, so this study will help us be ready.  Moreover, Deacon Inge Dudda is emphasizing our prayer ministry as part of her mission here at Trinity.  This will study will help participants delve into prayer and will hopefully lead to a retreat later in the summer.

Here are the individual sessions:
June 11 – Keeping Our Distance:  How close can we come to a holy God?
June 18 – Crossing To the Future:  What is the Kingdom and what is the Kingdom yet to come?
June 25 – Willing Obedience:  How can we glorify God in our daily lives?
July   2 –  Feeding Ourselves:  What place does self-sufficiency have in Christian life?
July   9 – Writing it Off:  What does the reality of our forgiveness say to our treatment of others?
July 16 – Crying For Help:  How does a Christian respond to the enormity of evil in the world?

Each session begins at 10AM on Tuesdays with light refreshments followed by devotions.  After the study, those who so chose remain for a time of prayer.  During prayer time we hold up before God those known to us personally who need prayer, the requests we have received on Sunday, our college students, shut-ins, and congregations and synods of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

While the Tuesday group has been meeting for a long time, new members are more than w-e-l-c-o-m-e! What a great way for you to do Bible study if this is your first time!

We would also encourage people who cannot come to the physical class to be part of the study.  We can furnish the book for you and you can do each session at home.  The book is $15 and you can order it directly at Kergyma Bible Studies (https://kerygma.com/products/lord-teach)   and have it shipped to your home .  Or Colleen can order it for you and send it to you. If the cost of the book is a problem, please make this known to Colleen or Inge and we will cover its costs so you can be involved.  Pr. David and Inge hope to digest each class session and give it to you so you can feel part of what happens on Tuesday mornings.  Any member of the class would be happy to speak with you and class time. So if you are interested in being part of the class via distance learning, please talk to Colleen or Inge as soon as possible.

Lord, teach us to pray is what the disciples asked of Jesus early on in his ministry.  So, we too ask the Lord to teach us how to pray to be closer to him and to equip us for life here and in the next world.  Join us on June 11thfor our first session of what promises to be an interesting study of prayer and spiritual practice.

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Please consider donating. The food pantry is especially in need of the following: Boxes of generic crackers (like Saltines), box mixes for cookies and cakes, snack packs of animal crackers for children, cereal, and fruit & nut snacks for the homeless. Remember to bring in your extra produce from home gardening over the summer!

Clothing Bank: All size sheet sets (especially twin size), women’s underwear (sizes 6,7,8 & 9), sneakers, summer clothes and felt hangers.

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May 21, 2019

Please Pray This Week

Please Pray for for God’s for Brooke’s House in Hagerstown, a sober-living residence for women, ready to open and rebuild lives in early July. Pray for Peggy Hardinge, OSSD as she is planning her ministry there. Please also pray this week the prayer from June 26 Prayer Ventures: ‘As people of God gathered in communities of faith, give thanks for how God comes to our aid, sustains and comforts us, is present and patient with us, cares for the poor and suffering, guides us in ways of justice and peace, and invites and equips us to share in this hope-filled, life-giving work in the world.’



These petitions are offered as guides to prayer for the global, social and outreach ministries of the ELCA, as well as for the needs and circumstances of our neighbors, communities and world. Thank you for your continued prayers for the life and mission of this church.

Give praise and glory to God for the wonders of nature, the diversity and interrelatedness of creation and the intriguing mysteries of the universe that humble and inspire us.

2 Through accompaniment, advocacy and awareness-raising, the Peace Not Walls campaign connects ELCA members to our companions in the Holy Land and promotes dignity, full respect for human rights and reconciliation between Palestinians and Israelis. Pray that our advocacy, new relationships and work together will lead to healing and enduring peace.

3 Thank God for the work and bravery of firefighters and fire crews who protect life, communities and creation, especially during the lengthening fire seasons in some regions of our nation. Pray for their safety and their physical and spiritual renewal, and for the care, support and reassurance their families need when these first responders are called away to serve.

Independence DayAs we celebrate the gift of freedom, pray for those in our communities, our nation and our world who still experience oppression, persecution or inequality. Ask for God’s forgiveness for the ways in which we deliberately or unconsciously exert or support control over others for our own benefit or advantage; pray that we might exercise our freedom responsibly and compassionately for the well-being of all people.

Today marks the centennial of the first documented Lutheran camp in the United States, a summer camp in Pennsylvania that involved youth in healthful outdoor activities and equipped them for leadership in the church. Praise God for the rich history of our camps and for all the ways Lutheran outdoor ministries have grown to serve people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds, impacting congregational life and mission, nurturing leaders and sharing the gospel in a changing world.

6 Cyclones Idai and Kenneth hit Mozambique this past spring, affecting 2 million people, killing over 750 and leaving devastation. Pray for the people affected, their recovery and the relief effort being conducted by Lutheran Disaster Response in partnership with the Lutheran World Federation, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Mozambique and ACT Alliance.

Pray that together we might respond with enthusiasm as God sends us into communities and the wider world to care for the needs of our neighbor and share the good news of Jesus Christ. Ask that the Spirit sustain and encourage us no matter how we are received or how difficult the work may be.

8 Remember in prayer the work of leaders, volunteers and planning teams preparing for the2021 ELCA Youth Gathering, a meeting of youth and their adult leaders for learning, worship, Bible study, service and fellowship through which young people grow in faith and are challenged and inspired to live out that faith in daily life.

Pray for our church to be determined and tireless in advocating for common-sense gun laws and actions that will help prevent gun violence. Pray that our communities of faith might remember those who have lost their lives to gun violence, attend to grieving families and friends, and bring hope and healing to survivors experiencing fear, anger, anxiety, depression and other lingering symptoms of trauma.

10 Augusta Victoria Hospital in Jerusalem is owned and operated by the Lutheran World Federation and supported by the ELCA. Pray for our federal government to release the funding approved for Augusta Victoria Hospital and the other members of the East Jerusalem Hospital Network so they can continue their lifesaving health care ministries in the Holy Land.

11 Praise God, make a joyful noise, sing the glory of God’s name and “say to God, ‘How awesome are your deeds!’ ”

12 Remember in prayer the work of the Rev. Janelle Neubauer, YAGM country coordinator, and the seven young people serving in the ELCA Young Adults in Global Mission program with the Lutheran Church of Rwanda in the areas of parish ministry, vocational training for youth, women’s ministry, education and community organizing.

13 Pray that the Spirit will guide us — especially the “family of faith” — in how best to support, encourage and care for one another, that we will be faithful servants and witnesses in the world and “not grow weary in doing what is right.”

14 Ask the Holy Spirit to help us understand the meaning and relevance of Jesus’ parables. Pray that we hear and put into action Jesus’ urging for us to care for our neighbor, especially those who suffer in poverty, hunger and illness, and strangers who are unfamiliar or different from us.

15 Remember in prayer our newly elected synod bishops, that they will be inspired, equipped and sustained in faith and wisdom for serving the church and its leaders in an ever-changing world.

16 Amid the temptations, distractions and pressures of daily life, ask God to teach us the ways, paths and truths that are pleasing to God, and to guide us to be mindful of our neighbor’s well-being and wholeness.

17 Pray for neighboring congregations and churches, that we, united in the one body of Christ, will strengthen and encourage one another for growing the church and, with the help of the Spirit, cultivate love, mercy, justice, hope and peace in the world.

18 Remember in prayer the six young people working alongside our companions in Cambodia as part of the ELCA Young Adults in Global Mission program. Remember also Stephanie Olson, YAGM country coordinator, and the Rev. Phillip Baker, ELCA regional representative for Cambodia, as they work with our global companions to grow the emerging Lutheran Church in Cambodia and prepare pastors, economic development, health care and disaster response.

19 Give thanks for leaders, teachers and other brothers and sisters in Christ who help us better understand God’s will, guide us in studying Scripture, strengthen our faith and wisdom, and encourage us to bear joyful witness to God’s love and mercy.

20 Pray for empathy, compassion and wisdom in our conversations and actions addressing gun violence, recognizing that no act of violence occurs in a vacuum and that a variety of social factors and human contexts — including mental illness, poverty, substance abuse, hatred and despair — influence the committing of violent acts.

21 Amid daily busyness and work, pause to pray and recall all that God has done and is doing for the sake of all humanity, and listen for what God is asking us to be and do in the world.

22 Mary Magdalene, ApostlePray that we might emulate Mary Magdalene, a disciple of Jesus who witnessed the empty tomb and followed an angel’s instructions to go and tell others of Jesus’ resurrection. Ask God to stir our faith, courage and willingness to share the life-changing news of a risen Christ with everyone we encounter.

23 Ask the Spirit to revitalize, embolden and guidesynods, their congregations and their leaders as they live into and implement decisions and actions resulting from their synod assemblies.

24 God can do amazing and miraculous things, such as fulfilling a promise to Abraham and Sarah that they would bear a child in their old age. Praise God’s creative, boundless power and ask that we might be alert and open to how God stretches our faith, imagination and understanding of what’s possible.

25 Give thanks for the work of ELCA Racial Justice Ministries in proclaiming our belief that Christ’s church is for all people, and for helping the church confront racism, exclusion and violence and move toward fairness and justice in the church and society.

26 Remember in prayer the 10 young people working alongside our companions in Mexico as part of the ELCA Young Adults in Global Mission program. Remember also the Rev. Meghan Brown Saavedra, YAGM country coordinator, and the Rev. David and Alicia Brondos, ELCA missionaries teaching at the Seminario Luterano Augsburgo in Mexico City.

27 Pray for those involved in planning and preparing the 2019 ELCAChurchwide Assembly in Milwaukee, and for congregations, synods, voting members and leaders who will share their faith, wisdom, concerns and recommendations for strengthening and furthering our participation in God’s reconciling work in the world.

28 Give thanks that God is attentive and responsive to us. Pray that we will never be timid about bringing to God our every matter, need, hope, question, sorrow and joy.

29 Pray that we will be moved by God’s love and impartiality to extend hospitality and acceptance to our neighbor, especially those who are in need, are strangers to us or are disregarded by society.

30 Give thanks for the fullness of life we have in Christ through faith, and that the light and truth of the gospel and God’s grace dwelling within us will transform us so we can convey hope to the world and love and serve our neighbor.

31 United NationsWorld Day Against Trafficking in PersonsHuman trafficking for forced labor and sexual exploitation is a global issue affecting every nation. Women and girls account for almost three-quarters of all trafficking victims. Pray that the ELCA, our congregations and communities continue to work to end human trafficking, care for survivors and address root causes of trafficking, such as poverty, hunger and sexism.


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The 150th Anniversary of Trinity will began with the Unity Service of Celebration on Sunday, October 14th 2018. We chose this date because it is close to our actual groundbreaking for the original church on Franklin Street which took place in October, 1868.

There are some fantastic pictures, both past and present, posted pictures on the bulletin board in the Narthex.  A timeline is beginning to form in Fellowship Hall. Watch it grow through the year. We will also have wonderful scrapbooks of our early church days out for you to look through during the brunch. Please take time to look at these artifacts. We were blessed by the diligent research of Janet Dayhoff and Dottie Cochrane. Their tireless work, attention to detail, and the formation of the Heritage Room provide us with a wealth of information from our past.

JUNE:  June is the traditional wedding month and so it will be the focus of our 150th anniversary celebration on June 30th. Bring in your wedding pictures and come celebrate with us as we highlight marriage at the service and have an old-fashioned wedding reception in Fellowship Hall following the service. We will be displaying pictures from weddings held at Trinity and would also like to display other memorabilia – cake toppers, veils, gowns, gloves, etc. from weddings in general throughout history. Please bring your item in for our display by June 20th. Please make sure items are marked well so they are returned to you.

JULY: Christmas in July will be our focus.  One of the goals of our Anniversary is to do an outreach program and we have chosen Operation Christmas Child.  Our goal is 150 boxes.  Watch for more information and the list of items to be included very soon.

AUGUST:  August 25, 2019.  A FESTIVE LITURGY CLELBRATING OUR 150THANNIVERSARY DAY.  This is celebrated on the Sunday closest to the actual signing of the charter on August 26, 1869. We will also highlight our Christian Education History that day.

SEPTEMBER:  Genealogy will be the highlight of this month.  Learn how to trace your history.   We will also have records from our archives for members to examine.  Watch for more specific details about this informative and exciting opportunity to learn how to trace your family history.

OCTOBER:  The concluding event of our year-long celebration will be on October 13, 2019with Bishop Gohl as guest preacher.  We will also have a choir reunion with a choir made up of anyone who sang in one of our past choirs singing that day.  All choir members- Cherub, Junior, Young Peoples and Senior choirs are invited to come and sing.  We will also have a celebration meal together that day.

Please watch for more details about each event as we get closer to that event in our Newsletter, Mini messenger and on our website.  All are welcome to help with the upcoming celebrations.  We meet the second Tuesday of each month at 7 PM in Memorial Hall.  We would love for all to help as we “CELEBRATE OUR PAST AND EMBRACE OUR FUTURE”


Jottings from Yesterday…

Did You Know?  Bulletins were not used until 1941. Dr. Ard began them during his first year at Trinity. Before that, the hymn boards would display the hymns sung each Sunday. The hymnals were handed out by the ushers and collected at the end of the service. They placed them on a table in the Narthex.


The Anniversary Committee meets the second Tuesday of the month at 7pm
in Memorial Hall. Come join us! The next meeting is Tuesday, June 11th.

Contact Carol Brashears at 301-992-5016
or brash115@aol.com for more info.

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Join us at 9 a.m. at the Dutch Market at the Long Meadow Shopping Center.  Not an exclusive group, just a gaggle of Lutherans enjoying breakfast and fellowship time.  Started several years ago with a few men having coffee and now can number up to 20!  Come as you are able to join.  No assigned seats, no membership fee, just fun.

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Ron Fisher will be hosting a Crochet and Knitting Fellowship Group in the parlor from 6p-8p. The group will meet the first and third Wednesday of each month. Come together to share ideas, work on projects for the community, do your own project, and bring your questions. Learning from each other is a great way to make friends and share ideas and a fun way to network and build your confidence in these arta! All who love the art of crochet and knitting are welcome; some basic skills are needed to work on projects.

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