TLC Food Bank

Open Tuesday – Thursday, 11am to 1:45pm

Trinity’s food bank, like the clothing bank, is open each week Tuesday through Thursday from 11:00am to 1:45pm. Clients are required (after their first visit), to apply for a Food Bank card through Community Action Council office on Summit Ave.  The card holder is able to visit our church as well as other church food banks in the area once a month for a variety of food items.  Trinity’s food bank offers USDA foods, such as cereals, pasta, canned goods, as well as items donated by local grocers, such as frozen meats, breads, pastries, milk, eggs and cheese. Sometimes a local butcher will donate frozen packages of venison, which seems to be popular with the community. Trinity member Keith Scheer graciously donated deer meat from his hunt last fall. Thanks to all who kindly donate food items throughout the year!

Many Trinity volunteers help to cover hours on these days including Judy Purdham, Judy Melby-Robinson, June Habeck and Dottie Rhodes. These church volunteers stock shelves, greet clients and help them with their food needs. If you would like to help, please contact either Jeff Reed or Ralph Conrad who oversee the operation. Some days the volunteers work non-stop to make sure everyone goes home with bags of needed nourishment for their families. They have all gotten to know some of the “regulars” and enjoy having friendly interactions with them, many of which have such sad stories to share.

Our volunteers also help the homeless, who are unable to apply for the food bank cards because of not having a fixed address, which is a requirement of the Community Action Council (CAC).  It’s very sad to see so many people in this predicament. Some are living in tents or on the streets. In these cases, our volunteers try to share food items which can easily be eaten without cooking or refrigeration.  Most are very grateful for our help and many will say “God Bless you” as they’re leaving.  Our

Trinity volunteers often leave their volunteer days thanking God for their blessings to have shelter and food to go home to.