TLC Food Bank

Currently closed to the public.

Although our food bank has been closed to the public during this time of pandemic, we continue to reassess the situation as we move forward in the coming months. Our regular supplies for the Food Bank have continued to be transported and distributed by Ralph Conrad each week to charitable places around town. He picks up between 1500 and 2000 pounds of food (dairy, baked goods and other misc. products) a month. At Christmas  Ralph picked up 5000 pounds of freezer pops to distribute which were divided into 24 pops per bag and given to families at Holly Place, Lasting Change, Wells House, the Rescue Mission, the Commission on Aging and the North Point Veterans Home. Our grateful thanks to all our hearty volunteers who continue t0represent Trinity in extending God’s love to those in need.

The opening of our Food Bank will probably coincide with the hiring of a new director who will determine space used, hours and procedure. One new idea that will be under consideration is for clients who are unavailable during the daytime; the team will be looking into providing additional evening hours for distribution of both food and clothing; if this materializes, Trinity would look into calling forth volunteers to work evenings in both banks and supplying outside security for both visitors and volunteers during these evening hours.