Bible Study

Currently, there are two different Bible Studies being offer. Our Tuesday Morning Group meets every Tuesday in Memorial Hall at 10am, while our thursday Group meets Thursday evenings Beginning at 6pm. Below is a description of what is currently being offered.


Lord Teach Us to Pray

Beginning June 11th, The Tuesday morning group will begin a 6 week study of prayer and spirituality. The study is entitled: Lord, teach us to pray. It will use the key phrases of the Lord’s Prayer, seeking to lead us to greater spirituality and growth.

Prayer is one of the most important things we can do in the life of the church at large and in a specific congregation.  We should be praying daily not only for the needs of those known to us, but for Trinity, its leaders, and the renewed sense of mission which will emerge from the Thursday in-depth look at Canoeing the Mountains. At the upcoming synod assembly the bishop is going to ask us all to commit to a 90 day journey of prayer, so this study will help us be ready.  Moreover, Deacon Inge Dudda is emphasizing our prayer ministry as part of her mission here at Trinity.  This will study will help participants delve into prayer and will hopefully lead to a retreat later in the summer.

The Schedule
June 11 – Keeping Our Distance:  How close can we come to a holy God?
June 18 – Crossing To the Future:  What is the Kingdom and what is the Kingdom yet to come?
June 25 – Willing Obedience:  How can we glorify God in our daily lives?
July   2 –  Feeding Ourselves:  What place does self-sufficiency have in Christian life?
July   9 – Writing it Off:  What does the reality of our forgiveness say to our treatment of others?
July 16 – Crying For Help:  How does a Christian respond to the enormity of evil in the world?

Each session begins at 10AM on Tuesdays with light refreshments followed by devotions.  After the study, those who so chose remain for a time of prayer.  During prayer time we hold up before God those known to us personally who need prayer, the requests we have received on Sunday, our college students, shut-ins, and congregations and synods of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

While the Tuesday group has been meeting for a long time, new members are more than w-e-l-c-o-m-e! What a great way for you to do Bible study if this is your first time!

We would also encourage people who cannot come to the physical class to be part of the study.  We can furnish the book for you and you can do each session at home.  The book is $15 and you can order it directly at Kergyma Bible Studies (   and have it shipped to your home .  Or Colleen can order it for you and send it to you. If the cost of the book is a problem, please make this known to Colleen or Inge and we will cover its costs so you can be involved.  Pr. David and Inge hope to digest each class session and give it to you so you can feel part of what happens on Tuesday mornings.  Any member of the class would be happy to speak with you and class time. So if you are interested in being part of the class via distance learning, please talk to Colleen or Inge as soon as possible.

Lord, teach us to pray is what the disciples asked of Jesus early on in his ministry.  So, we too ask the Lord to teach us how to pray to be closer to him and to equip us for life here and in the next world.  Join us on June 11thfor our first session of what promises to be an interesting study of prayer and spiritual practice.


Canoeing the Mountains

Canoeing the Mountains: Christian Leadership in Uncharted Territory by Ted Bolsinger. The author uses the Corps of Discovery as a metaphor to describe the Church in the US today.

This is your personal invitation to join a Corps of Discovery from which I believe will emerge leadership equipped to guide Trinity into a wonderful future. The first part of the journey is to actually read the book and discuss it. To this end, there will be a seven week study beginning in May. It will be held on Thursday evenings, beginning May 9th. Please join us in Memorial Hall. We will offer a simple dinner from 6-6:60pm with study starting promptly at 6:30pm.


The Schedule
May 9: Documentary
Jun 6: The Landscape
Jun 13: The Changing World
Jun 20: Going off the Map
Jul 11: Adaptation is Everything
Jul 18: Companions and Saboteurs
Jul 25: Everyone will be Changed