Church Council

2018 Church Council Members 

• Judy Conrad, President

• Craig Fentress, President Elect (2019)

• Sam Young, Vice President

• Lauren Rowe, Secretary

• Inge Dudda, Treasurer

• Junior Michael, Assistant Treasurer

• Lisa Conrad

• June Habeck

• Ginny Doarnberger

• Maggie Stone

• Carol Martin

• Barb Smith

• Barb Winebrenner

Our Constitution and By-Laws allow for up to 12 members to serve on our Congregational Council.

Members serve a three-year term and four are elected each year to replace the exiting members.

The council’s job is to have general oversight of the life and activities of this congregation that everything is done in accordance with the Word of God and the faith and practice of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.


Council Minutes

Monthly minutes are posted once they are approved during the following month's meeting. Please click the above heading to see the latest edition.