August 1, 2021


Emerging from the confines of the pandemic, TLC members & friends have a unique opportunity to reflect on and reconfigure our ministries as we reopen past missions & form new ones. Trinity’s Food Pantry & Clothing Bank Teams are currently experiencing this as we move into another chapter of Outreach with a new director, hours to better accommodate our clients, and safer methods of service to protect health and enable continuing service in any other future community health challenges.

The week of August 8-14, the banks will open on separate days (exact hours TBD) & with weekend and/or evening hours to be considered. 75% of our Outreach volunteers will be returning; so if you’d consider becoming a volunteer in this important mission by helping with food or clothing, talk to me, Jerry or Jeff, as many hands make easier work for us all.

The following Sunday, 8/22, there will be a REDEDICATION / BLESSING of the Outreach area following the 10 am service; please join us for prayer, refreshments, to check out the setup, talk to volunteers and to meet Jerry Matheny who has joined our staff as Outreach Director. (Watch for an introductory interview by Pastor David with Jerry on Facebook (coming soon.) If you’d like to make a contribution that day, bring a boxed dessert mix (cake, brownies, puddings, cookies etc.) that our clients can prepare for their families- this is one category that is not supplied by Md Food Bank and brings great joy; the Food Bank provides the rest (eggs, milk etc.).

Our volunteers were frustrated last year that our time could not be used to feed and clothe our neighbors when they were in greatest need. There were 2 bright spots though: Micah’s Backpack continued providing weekend meals to students through Carol Brasheers & her volunteers’ efforts, & Ralph Conrad transported food every week from Martin’s Grocery to shelters & wherever food was needed. Our team is determined to equip our system of delivery so in the future we’ll be able to stay open even in crises.

With churches closing around us, we must consider what Jesus calls us to do. We are very like the early disciples in the book of Acts, who were devastated and flummoxed by Jesus’ Crucifixion, elated by his resurrection, then frightened & perplexed by his ascension. Why is he leaving us? (Why are the churches dying?) What do we do now? We’ve experienced a religious growth boom in our lifetimes that is now declining in shocking ways, & we, like the early church, wonder- what is God calling us to do?

The disciples’ questions were answered at Pentecost, when the Holy Spirit came upon them. The faithful gathered, prayed together, and SHARED EVERYTHING with each other and all who were near them who were in need. Like us, they had no blueprint, no plans, except Jesus’ final words to them: “This is my new command, that you love one another even as I have loved you.” So, like the early church, with the Holy Spirit also very present, we find ways to gather in community, form relationships and share God’s bounty and love with one another, wherever and however we can.

So we forge ahead, as they did, guided by Jesus’ words and the gentle nudgings of the Holy Spirit; encouraging one another, sharing ideas, building ways to show and be.

God’s love in action.
June Habeck Holler