Trinity Concert Series

concertThe purpose of the series is to provide concerts for the members of Trinity and the community at large. The series varies from organ recitals, college and university choir concerts to programs featuring both choir and orchestra. We have also sponsored such groups as Dakota Road, a contemporary Christian group and the Raleigh Ringers, a nationally known handbell choir, and Hagerstown Choral Arts. While many of the concerts are free to the public, contributions are always needed to help perpetuate the series. Persons interested in contributing toward the series or having questions are asked to contact Mr. Greg Shook at 301-733-2878.


Maryland Wind Festival, June 19, 2019, 7pm

The Maryland Chamber Winds return for our 5th annual performance in Hagerstown’s beautiful Trinity Lutheran Church. Works will include Danielle Fisher’s arrangements of J.S. Bach cantata movements, Richard Strauss’s  ‘Serenade in Eb’ Op.7, and MWF Composer-in-Residence Theo Chandler’s moving work ‘Preludes and Recitations’. MWF is proud to announce a collaboration with the United States Army Field Band for this performance – you don’t want to miss this awesome event!

Free and Open to the Public The Concert begins at 7pm.
A reception will follow the performance.

Joyful Noise

After not getting any results from our mailing in the Fall 2018, we contacted the Girls and Boys Club to see about a collaboration for a children’s choir venture with Trinity.  A schedule was proposed to include a meal for the children and a time of singing at the church.

January 11, we received a note back that a collaboration would be welcome however holding rehearsals at the church would not work as most of the children would have transportation issues to get to the church.

We made several attempts to meet with the music coordinator for the public schools which was difficult due to his busy schedule, so we followed up on emails and pursued the off-site option.  We would contact him again once a plan was in place.

After some discussion, Jane responded on January 21 that she and I would like to meet with them to discuss details of collaborating and asked for a commitment from the Boys and Girls Club by February 6 so we could get word out and begin the choir March 13.  The Area Director wrote back the same day saying he would take it to his staff meeting and get back to us.

Jane contacted Eric again on January 24 asking if there was an update.  We received a note back asking if we would be willing to come to their site.   He also informed us that bet times for meeting times would be evenings between 5:30-7 p.m.  Before any of that could happen, we needed to meet with the director at Elgin. The area director forwarded all the information to the site director at Elgin Station so we could do a site visit.  Once all the details were in place, we would work at producing a letter and flyer for the club to send home with children.

On February 6 we went and met with the site director at Elgin Station and we worked out that the best evening/time would be Mondays 5-5:40 p.m.  We saw the room and realized there was no keyboard there.  Jane and I decided that Trinity had several pianos that were no longer in use and that it would be nice to donate one to the center.

February 26, I heard back that moving a piano there would have to be checked with another facilities manager since the use of the club space is coordinated with the housing authority.  The director had spoken with several of the groups that attend there, and she said she only had a “handful of children interested” and that not all attended the facility regularly.  I told her I would come there for a handful of children to get things going.  There is a meeting today to finalize plans to begin April 15 or 22.  There is also a commitment of a portable keyboard to use to get the group going until we receive an answer on donating a piano.

Thank you.
Pastor Greg