December 26, 2019

We need Valentines for Micah’s Backpack

Once again we will be sending Valentines home in the Micah’s Bag.  Children love sending and receiving Valentines in their  classroom. We’re asking you to consider donating a box of at least 15 or more so that our Micah’s children may have cards to share.  Please choose cards that could  be used by girls or boys since we do not have the  ability  to make sure the Valentines will go to a specific gender.
We will need the cards by February 2so they can be packed and given to them the week before Valentine’s  Day. This way  they can  prepare them for their class. Place the cards in the boxes provided in both Fellowship Hall and the Narthex. We’re up to nearly 70 students so we will need lots  of boxes. Thank you for your support  of this project.
Here are some ways you may become involved in this ministry:
  1. Join a team that meets once a month to pack the bags. This takes approximately ½ hour of time and is usually done on a Sunday or Monday.
  2. Deliver the bags to the schools. This is a once a month commitment. This is done on a Wednesday or Thursday and can be anytime from early morning (7 am) to early evening (6pm) at Bester Elementary and 9 am to 4 pm at Eastern.
  3. Contribute financially to Micah’s so food may be purchased.

We could use any help. It is possible for you to even pair with another person to help out on an every other month basis.


Interested in helping Pack or Deliver?
Please contact Carol Brashears
301-992-5016 or


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