December 7, 2020

Council Updates

In MARCH, MAY and JUNE there were no meetings since church staff met to work on ideas for continuing contact and inspiring faith with members, and any new information or concerns were communicated on the mailed and online Daily TLC.

In APRIL and JULY Council met online using Zoom wherein we could see each other, reconnect, encourage, laugh and pray together. There was nothing else happening to generate minutes.


Starting in August, Council had in-person, masked, spaced meetings held in Fellowship Hall.

AUGUST Discussions included:

  • adapting to the new conditions of the church and the continuing pandemic by streamlining our methods of operation to be more efficient and updating our bylaws

SEPTEMBER Discussion included:

  • planning for Trinity’s week in December at REACH
  • Working on the 2021 budget
  • Food & Clothing Banks planning to call forth a new Director to reopen; current supervisors and volunteers to continue under new leader.
  • Thanksgiving boxes will be distributed to 30 local families.
  • Tim Higgins resigned from Council; Leslie LeBlanc to fill that position. To appropriately reflect TLC’s current functioning, Council members will number 6 to 8 instead of 12 members.
  • Boy Scouts to hold a Court of Honor on 9/12 in Fellowship Hall.
  • A fogger was purchased that will quickly disinfect Fellowship Hall and the Sanctuary.
  • Our week at the Cold Weather Shelter is 12/6- 12/14. Volunteers can sign up.



  • Members voiced doubts about volunteering for close contact with the homeless at REACH this year due to Covid. 95% of our active volunteers are seniors with health concerns.
  • This meeting combined Council concerns aa well as( Mission & Vision group discussions                  (brainstorming new ideas, discussing priorities and praying together for guidance).



* No Council Meeting was held this month.