November 5, 2019

Cold Weather Shelter Starts Sun Dec 8th

Trinity Lutheran Church will be hosting the REACH Cold Weather Shelter December 8th through December 14th.   We will be staffing the shelter during the week nights and providing dinners for the residents.

Everyone is encouraged to participate in some form.  What a great way to serve the Lord and give back to the community.  Show your pride in Trinity Lutheran Church and help this local ministry.

Again, this year, Judy Conrad, Scarlet Michaels will be the food coordinators.  Please communicate with them if you are interested in helping with food services.  They will be looking for deserts and people to help serve food during the meal.

You can also help by volunteering for any of the 9 Daily positions.  We need 2 people at the front desk, 2 persons at the security table, 2 persons at Laundry service table, 1 hospitality person, 1 overnight person and 1 person to serve breakfast in the morning.  Jobs start at 6:30 and end between 9:30 and 10:00pm.  Sunday only, shift 1 is from 3:00 to 6:30pm.  Overnight is from 10:00pm till 5:00am and breakfast is from 5:00am till 7:00am.

There will be a sign-up board at the Church being shared between each service or feel free to contact Margret Harrison or me anytime.

Thanks in advance for considering your time in helping with the very worthwhile community outreach project.  Let’s show everyone everywhere Trinity is here and we are helping to make a difference!

Scott Paddack (301) 988-7800