September 11, 2017

Stepping On

Tuesdays Oct 3 – Nov 14th in Memorial from 1pm – 3pm.

About 30% of older people who fall lose their self-confidence and start to go out less often. Inactivity leads to social isolation and loss of muscle strength and balance, increasing the risk of falling. Stepping On aims to break that cycle, engaging people in a range of relevant falls prevention strategies.

This program is a unique, research based and proven guide to improve overall health, wellbeing and physical strength.  The aim of the program is to reduce falls, increase confidence and give people the tools to remain active, safe and independent within their community.

The program covers a range of topics related to falls prevention and meets weekly for 2hours.  A light lunch will be offered before the class. If you are interested, please contact Jean Kendle (  or Lisa McCoy (  A minimum of 12 people are required for this class.