June 19, 2018

Micah’s Backpack – Thank you!!

Dear Micah’s Backpack Volunteer,

I know I sound Like a broken record but thank you from the bottom of my heart for your dedication to the Micah’s’ Backpack program.  Collectively, we packed and delivered approximately 2, 720 bags this year. That translates into over $30,000 of food.  It works because of you!

We are still waiting the results of the survey from the schools.  I will share it with you when we begin in the fall.  Be assured that the need is great and we are making a difference. We even added a student at Eastern in June.  Even though there were only 2 weeks left in the school year, the child was added because they needed food.

You may have seen 2 articles in the paper this past spring:

  1. Micah’s is serving over 1000 children per week.  Trinity was mentioned for bringing the program to Washington County.  Thanks be to God for moving the hearts of so many churches to embrace this ministry.
  2. Citi Corp is sponsoring 2000 bags this summer to be handed out through the MEAL MACHINE. Many of our children will continue to get a bag of food each Friday because of their effort. Thanks be to God.


We will have an organizational meeting the end of August for the next school year.  I hope you will continue to help with this ministry.  Watch for an email as well as info in the Messenger and Mini Messenger for the exact date.  A couple of other things we are going to do this fall include a special recognition of all of the Micah’s workers as well as all Social Ministry volunteers in October.  We will do this as a kick off to our 150th Anniversary Celebration.  Also, the HARC Hike was postponed because of the poor conditions on the canal.  The rescheduled date is September 8th.  We get a large proportion of the money raised for our Micah’s program.  We are the church with the largest number of weekly bags.  We get a big piece of the pie from this hike.  It would be wonderful to walk as a group to show our support for the hike.

Wishing you a summer filled with blessing for you and your families.  Trinity is blessed to have you as part of this program.

In Christ,
Carol  and Jeff


We are always looking for ways to improve the program. If you have suggestions, please call me at 301-992-5016 or brash115@aol.com   Thanks, Carol