June 11, 2018

Lay Visitation Meeting rescheduled to July 14th

Greetings Lay Visitation Ministers!

The Lay Visitation class has been rescheduled to July 14th, at 1:00 pm and preceded by the luncheon in Memorial Hall.With me being asked to be the coordinator of Trinity’s Lay Visitation program, I felt it best to have a meeting to refresh our goals and give us updated information on who is visiting whom and where our members-in-need are presently living.

Not everyone has a computer. So, I also want to familiarize everyone with the handy form you may fill out re: your visitation experience which Colleen uses to update our shut-in information.

Anyone who wishes to join this wonderful team may attend, as well

Future meeting dates for 2018 are all in Memorial Hall:
June 23 at 1pm
Sept. 15 at 10am
Dec. 8 at 10am

Peg Hardinge, OSSD