HARC Hike for hunger and hope is a non-competitive fundraising event open to all ages.  This fully supported hike on the beautiful and historic C&O Canal tow path features three distances of varying difficulties to include everyone from casual to serious hikers. You can look forward to snacks, water & Gatorade refills along the way.  All hikes (except the Catoctin Challenge hike) will be along the C&O Canal in Maryland and will meet and end at Shepherd Springs Retreat Center.  Following the hikes, participants will be directed to our “Celebration” where they can relax and enjoy good food, music and friendships. For more information click on the link – HARC HIKE INFO Proceeds benefit HARC & Micah’s Backpack
It’s Extreme Coupon this month and next and you can help!!  Many weeks our food bank needs to supplement with trips to the grocery store.  In order to stretch our dollar we are calling all coupon clippers! Where can you find coupons?  In the newspaper of course but you can also google “coupons” and a whole host of websites come up that you can print coupons.  If you enter zip codes for cities with a higher cost of living, often times you can get coupons greater than those that you would find in our “21742” zip code!  Some zip code suggestions?  Try 20815 (Chevy Chase, MD), 20854 (Potomac, MD and 20814 (Bethesda, MD) Items to clip?  Pasta and sauces, juices, canned veggies and fruits .  Please make sure you cut out the coupons.  We don’t have manpower to sift through full pages and cut out what is needed.  Place your coupons in the boxes in Fellowship Hall or the Narthex. Thank you so much for you help!!  We look forward to replenishing our food bank.
January 15, 2018

RIC – Learn with Us!

The RIC journey began at Trinity in the Spring of 2017 when Pastor Torben Aarsand addressed the Church Council requesting that we explore the program. With Council’s approval, an exploratory group was formed. The RIC Exploratory Group recently met on Saturday, January 6th to discuss its role in the process and determine next steps.   How does Trinity see itself as a welcoming church community to those who may believe they are not welcome at church—specifically the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender and queer/questioning (LGBTQ) people? In the next month, RIC exploratory group members will individually study the Reconciling in Christ (RIC) program to address that question. After that, we will plan specific ways by which we can communicate what we have learned with the congregation and will envision what the program may look like for Trinity Lutheran Church. Our goal is to help the congregation make an informed decision whether to become a rostered RIC community.   Congregational members are welcome to check out www.reconcilingworks.org to become more aware about RIC. Learn with us! Our next meeting will be held on Saturday, February 10th at 10am in Memorial Hall. If you would like to participate in the study, please come and join us! RIC Exploratory Group members include: Pr. […]
September 9, 2017

What We Believe

Our beliefs are demonstrated through practices of joyful worship and faithful service in the daily life of congregation members. As Lutherans, we believe in the Triune God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit. God created and loves all of creation — the earth and the seas and all of the world’s inhabitants. We believe that God’s Son, Jesus Christ, transforms lives through his death on the cross and his new life, and we trust that God’s Spirit is active in the world. As a young man, Martin Luther came to realize that a merciful God justifies us by faith to make us free. Our sins are forgiven and we are made righteous through his boundless mercy and grace. He wrote tha t faith is God’s work in us, that it changes us and makes us to be born anew of God. It is a living, busy, active, mighty thing. Justification is an unmerited gift from God granted to all who exercise faith. Even faith itself is seen as a gift of God, created in the hearts of Christians by the work of the Holy Spirit through the Word and Baptism. The Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (ELCA), of which Trinity is […]
July 31, 2017

Council Minutes

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February 18, 2017

Pastor’s Ponderings

Pastor David Eisenhuth May 2018 At a beautiful service held here at Trinity on Saturday, April 28, Sarah Schofield Wright received the Church’s gift of ordination to the ministry of Word and Sacrament. Trinity nourished Sarah with the Word and the Sacraments. In turn, a process of discernment led her to believe that she was called to exercise a public ministry. After much study and an internship, the Church agreed that Sarah had a call to be a pastor and offered the gift which only it can confer—ordination. I would like to use this article to unpack what all of this means. It is said that one of Martin Luther’s chief doctrines was the Priesthood of All Believers. He never actually used those exact words, but his intent was clear. Luther grew up in a world sharply divided between “secular” and “sacred.” Lay people were secular, and those who had taken holy orders (deacons, priests, bishops) and/or profession as members of religious orders were in the sacred realm. Guess which realm was considered to be more important? He dismissed this idea in a 1520 treatise called To the Christian Nobility of the German Nation. He put forward a doctrine that […]
November 20, 2016

TLC Clothing Bank

Open Tuesday – Thursday, 11am to 1:45pm “If there is among you a poor man, one of your brethren in any of the towns which the Lord your God gives you, you shall not harden your heart or shut your hand against your poor brother, but you shall open your hand to give him sufficient for his need, whatever it may be.” —Deuteronomy 15:7-8. For 25 years, our church’s members and friends have faithfully been opening their hands to fulfill the needs of the poor around the church in this town that God has given us. This is a long overdue glimpse into the labors of eight volunteers who toil unseen during each week of the year. We know the numbers of visitors grows annually and that the word has spread. In the past several years, volunteers have heard guests referring to our Clothing Bank as the “Trinity Bon Ton” and, recently, the “Randolph Street Mall” when referring to the bountiful, highly organized, outstanding variety that is offered our neighbors. When guests enter Trinity’s Clothing Bank in the order of their signup at arrival, they are asked if they have been to our Clothing Bank before. If so, a filed […]
November 18, 2016

Micah’s Backpack

The Micah’s Backpack program in Washington County follows a model established in Blacksburg, VA.  The program is designed to feed hungry students through a partnership between each elementary school and one or more churches/organizations in its community.  Brought to Washington County by Trinity Lutheran Church in 2010, the program now serves more than 826 students in 27 elementary schools and involves partnerships with more than 45 churches and organizations. Over 10,000 students in Washington County Public Schools receive free or reduced lunches and for many this lunch will be the last hot meal of the day. Children are especially hungry over the weekend when school is not in session. How Micah’s Backpack Works Each Friday afternoon identified elementary school children receive a bag or backpack of healthy food and snacks. On Monday each child returns the empty bag or backpack to the school to be restocked with food for the following Friday. The filled backpack may include the following individual serving-size items: cereal, oatmeal, juice, tuna, peanut butter, crackers, macaroni and cheese, soup, applesauce, fruit cups, spaghetti, ravioli, beef stew, canned vegetables, and other nutritious food. Who Can Participate? Eligible students are identified by the school principal and a designated […]
October 17, 2016


Worship and Music – Team deals with all phases of the music and worship experience at Trinity. Planning liturgy, Altar Guild, Trinity’s Concert Series, obtaining special performers for services, and instrument maintenance are but a few of the areas this committee is responsible for. Stewardship – Team is responsible for ordering offering, Advent and Lenten envelopes and for the annual Stewardship Campaign to encourage support of Trinity through gifts of money, time and talents. Youth Ministry – Team plans retreats, conferences, meetings and activities to keep our youth involved in the life of the church. Christian Education – Team works with the congregation in providing educational opportunities such as Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, Camp Scholarships and other programs for all ages to further their relationship with Christ and His church. Social Ministry – Trinity Community Outreach includes the Food Pantry and Clothing Bank, which is housed at Trinity. This Team is also responsible for the Micah’s Backpack Ministry, which packs and delivers bags of weekend food during the school year to our partnering elementary schools Bester and Eastern Elementary. Property – Responsible for all building maintenance and capital improvements as well as our van service and maintenance of same. Finance and Investment – Led by the […]
October 17, 2016


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