A new Bible Study, “The Gospel of John”, will begin on Monday, August 20th, meeting in Memorial Hall at 7:00pm. Pastor David will lead the study, which focuses on a biblical perspective on the book of John. It will run for approximately 12 weeks.
Join us at 9 a.m. at the Dutch Market at the Long Meadow Shopping Center.  Not an exclusive group, just a gaggle of Lutherans enjoying breakfast and fellowship time.  Started several years ago with a few men having coffee and now can number up to 20!  Come as you are able to join.  No assigned seats, no membership fee, just fun.
The Hagerstown Area Religious Council (HARC) keeps an up-to-date listing of area inter-faith events on their website ranging from Spaghetti Feeds to Zion’s Cinderella Shop for second hand prom dresses to the HARC Hike coming up in June. It’s way too much to list individually. I encourage you to check out their website, http://harccoalition.org/events/, or sign up for their email list on the home page.
September 9, 2017

What We Believe

Our beliefs are demonstrated through practices of joyful worship and faithful service in the daily life of congregation members. As Lutherans, we believe in the Triune God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit. God created and loves all of creation — the earth and the seas and all of the world’s inhabitants. We believe that God’s Son, Jesus Christ, transforms lives through his death on the cross and his new life, and we trust that God’s Spirit is active in the world. As a young man, Martin Luther came to realize that a merciful God justifies us by faith to make us free. Our sins are forgiven and we are made righteous through his boundless mercy and grace. He wrote that faith is God’s work in us, that it changes us and makes us to be born anew of God. It is a living, busy, active, mighty thing. Justification is an unmerited gift from God granted to all who exercise faith. Even faith itself is seen as a gift of God, created in the hearts of Christians by the work of the Holy Spirit through the Word and Baptism. The Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (ELCA), of which Trinity is a […]
October 14, 2016

Life Events

Baptisms Weddings Funerals
On Thursday, September 6 at 7:30 p.m. we will begin a new adventure at Trinity Lutheran Church. This will be in the form of a Traditional Evening Prayer service which makes use of chant, scripture, prayers, silence, and hymns to bring the presence of Christ into our midst as day gives way to evening. The only difference is that this setting of the vesper service uses the warm sound of American Jazz music. A highlight of the service is a brief teaching moment which expands on the theme of the day, blending the sacred and the secular. For this first presentation of jazz vespers we will be joined by the resident jazz quartet of the Lutheran Church of the Holy Comforter in Baltimore where this program enjoyed an eight year run. These musicians are among the finest jazz musicians in the Baltimore area. Invite some friends to join you for this blended service to wind down your day. A wine and cheese reception will follow the service.
Don’t be shy! There is not one but two ongoing bible studies meeting every week to choose from. Please join in. All are welcome! Beginning August 20th, a bible study focusing on the Gospel of John will meet every Monday at 7pm in Memorial Hall. On Tuesday Mornings at 10am in Memorial Hall, a second bible study will be looking at the Book of Exodus beginning August 21st. The Gospel of John John is the last Gospel written and probably comes to us from the last decade of the first century. The writer is a theologian and who takes things that appear in the other three Gospels and bends them to his own devices. For example, the synoptic Gospels—Mark, Luke, and Matthew—place the setting of the Last Supper within the framework of the Passover Meal. John says it happened at dinner the night before Passover. Who is right? There’s an obvious contradiction. So much for Biblical inherency. Come find out why John does this! Tell Pastor David if you want to attend, so we can have a book for you. The Book of Exodus The Tuesday morning Bible study will focus next on the book of Exodus, beginning 10 a.m. on August […]
The Annual HARC HIKE, which was postponed in June, has been re-scheduled for Saturday, September 8th. Proceeds benefit HARC, whose initiatives include Micah’s Backpack, early childhood education and well-being programs, work to foster peace, and more; and will be used to purchase food for Micah’s Backpack, a program to feed hungry school children on the weekends. HARC Hike for hunger and hope is a non-competitive fundraising event open to all ages.  This fully supported hike on the beautiful and historic C&O Canal tow path features three distances of varying difficulties to include everyone from casual to serious hikers. You can look forward to snacks, water & Gatorade refills along the way.  All hikes (except the Catoctin Challenge hike) will be along the C&O Canal in Maryland and will meet and end at Shepherd Springs Retreat Center.  Following the hikes, participants will be directed to our “Celebration” where they can relax and enjoy good food, music and friendships.  Proceeds benefit HARC & Micah’s Backpack  Click here for more HARC HIKE info
As you all know, I have taken leadership in exploring the possibility of Trinity’s mission to be intentionally welcoming of LGBTQ people.  We know that the idea of welcoming people is easy when we don’t know their personal realities, but when we do know them by a label, such as “Gay,” it can be more concerning.  It is one thing to be tolerant, and another thing to be welcoming. Trinity’s exploration group has been meeting for months, basically sharing our own stories. Some of us have gay family members who have not found a warm hand of welcome in the church. You and I know that some Christian churches are downright cruel about the reality of gay people. Our denomination has been more open and,  in fact, has agreed to disagree about this issue, but has opened the door to gay pastors, and of course, gay members. Nevertheless, many ELCA congregations have done nothing to be more open, in their own communities. That’s where the RIC  program has focused on helping churches like Trinity to be welcoming. We have been talking about being welcoming!  What does it mean to be unwelcoming? Stories are important ways for us all to wrap our […]
Five of our Youth will be traveled to Houston, TX last week to attend the ELCA Youth Gathering Every three years, 30,000 high school youth and their adult leaders from across the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America gather for a week of faith formation known as the ELCA Youth Gathering. Through days spent in interactive learning, worship, Bible study, service and fellowship, young people grow in faith and are challenged and inspired to live their faith in their daily lives. Our youth will continue Fundraising over the next few months to help offset the costs associated with attending the Gathering.  Thank you so much to those of you who have already sponsored us and supported us on this important journey.  We are continuing to accept donations for our “sponsoring a mile” for $5.00/mile fundraiser as we travelled 1,390 miles from Hagerstown, MD to Houston, TX and then 1,390 miles back to Hagerstown, MD.  Please see Stephanie Angles or Maggie Stone if you wish to donate.