January 15, 2018

Council Update

After the Council Installation at the Contemporary Worship Service, Council met to elect their officers. The twelve members of the new Council voted to ask Judy Conrad to remain in the position of President for another year in order to ease the transition for Pastor David Eisenhuth. They also voted to return the Executive Team to four voting members, creating a position of Assistant Treasurer to our permanent but non voting member, Inge Dudda. Craig Fentress was elected President Elect and will assume the role of President in 2019. Sam Young was reelected as Vice President. Lauren Rowe was elected Secretary and Junior Michael will be Assistant Treasurer. We hope that this will assure a smooth transition and an experienced Exec Team in the future. Please welcome the new members of Council and keep them in your thoughts and Prayers as we endeavor to make good decisions for Trinity Lutheran Church. If you have any questions, ideas or concerns, please speak to one of them and share your thoughts. At our January meeting, new Council Liaisons volunteered to work with the existing Teams already functioning here at Trinity.

Team Chairpersons and Liaisons

Christian Education    Jane Drawbaugh (Chair), Barb Winebrenner (Liaison)
Fellowship/Parish Life   Scarlett Michael (Chair), Ginny Doarnberger (Liaison)
Finance   Ed Drawbaugh (Chair), Craig Fentress/Judy Conrad (Liaisons)
Mutual Ministry    Sam Young (Liaison)
Personnel   Charlie Riley (Chair), Barb Smith (Liaison)
Property    Scott Minnich/Gary Hammond (Chair), Junior Michael (Liaison)
Senior Ministry   Karen Spessard (Chair), Carol Martin(Liaison)
Social Ministry   Carol Brashears (Chair), June Habeck/Lisa Conrad (Liaisons)
Tech Team   Craig Fentress (Chair), Maggie Stone/Pr. Chris Ramsey (Liaisons)
Worship & Music   Rick Anthony (Chair), Lauren Rowe (Liaison)

Please welcome these volunteers and contact them with any needs or ideas that you might have pertaining to their team.